Heritage Harley-Davidson, Concord, NH

We Ride Together at Manchester Harley-Davidson in New Hampshire


Heritage Harley-Davidson in Concord, NH was selected for consolidation as part of the dealer network optimization in Harley-Davidson Motor Company’s Rewire Initiative. While it’s never easy to lose such a great legacy dealership, we are excited to welcome Heritage H-D customers to the Manchester Harley-Davidson family. In an effort to make this transition as smooth as possible, Manchester H-D has agreed to honor all Heritage H-D gift cards, loyalty points and assist in the completion of any outstanding service work and fulfillment of special orders.

We understand Harley-Davidson’s decision to consolidate Heritage H-D comes as a disappointment to many loyal customers. First and foremost, our team wants the community to know we hear your concerns. As a family operated dealership, we recognize the time it takes to build strong relationships and foster community. The goal of Harley-Davidson’s Rewire Initiative is to provide the highest quality service to all members of the Harley-Davidson community for another 100+ years.

We understand the concerns of the Heritage H-D customer’s, and also understand Harley-Davidson Motor Company’s plan for an optimized dealer network to best serve all Harley-Davidson customers. Manchester H-D, along with our fellow New Hampshire Harley-Davidson dealers, look forward to continue delivering the premium customer experience for many years to come.

  – The Manchester Harley-Davidson Family


What part does Manchester H-D play in the Heritage consolidation?

We are assisting in collaboration with Harley-Davidson Motor Company to buy the inventory and assets of the dealership as part of the nationwide dealer optimization program called Rewire The goal of the program is to take care of the New Hampshire customer base for both the short term and for the next 100+ years. This is happening in many areas across the country throughout the end of the year and not just New Hampshire with Heritage H-D.

Why is HDMC consolidating dealerships?

HDMC is trying to build stronger dealers that allow us to better serve our customers for the short and long term. Having fewer dealerships allows each dealer to invest more in facilities, offerings, and events that lead to a better customer experience. With Concord being only 20 minutes away from Manchester, they felt the area can be served with one dealership.

Gift Cards and Loyalty

Heritage H-D gift cards and remaining loyalty points balances will be honored at Manchester H-D. Heritage H-D’s Loyalty Program will be discontinued with the closure of Heritage H-D and customers will not be able to earn additional points. The goal is to make the consolidation as seamless for the customers as possible.

Winter Storage

We are looking at expanding our capacity to store as many bikes as possible this year and take care of the additional Heritage H-D winter storage customers

Are we moving?

Yes, as part of the consolidation and Rewire initiative we have agreed with HDMC to relocate the Manchester H-D dealership in the near future. We have not identified a location yet but will let you know once it is identified. The goal is to keep it in the general area the dealership is currently located.

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